Singapore Pod of Mermaids Wanted


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Haven’t figured out what you want to wear for Halloween? How about a mermaid costume? Better yet, how about learning to be one?

Some of you may remember Syrena – Singapore’s first mermaid performer three years ago who has, by now, made a name for herself by performing at children’s parties and the like.

And now she’s set up a Mermaid School right here on our sunny shores to fulfill the wishes of all those who’ve always wondered what it would be like to don a mermaid tail. She is serious in creating Singapore’s very own pod of mermaids – and yes, guys are welcome.

What Goes On In Mermaid School

The 4-stage syllabus starts from bronze (beginners) to platinum, where students learn underwater choreography. Like any serious school, Syrena (also known as Cara Nicole Neo in IRL) emphasises that embracing your inner mermaid is just as important as proficiency in the pool with a tail. She even has a pledge: “The world is cold and harsh, but here we find peace and friendship…”

Naturally, she finds inspiration from merfriends (a loose community of like-minded afficionados) around the world. Even if the idea of being a mermaid sounds like something for children, her students are mostly tertiary students or fresh grads (her recent batch includes a qualified forensic scientist).

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Wearing the Mer-suit

So what does the tailfin portion of the mermaid costume feel like? The ones used at Syrena’s school are made of plastic and covered in a spandex stocking that requires some hefty squeezing action to get into. But thankfully, it feels more natural in the water – if having your legs bound together feels natural at all. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a huge flipper that you’re only able to maneouver from the waist.

If you think getting into the suit is the only hard part, think again. At Weeki Wachee Springs (a theme park in Florida) where mermaids are a long-standing tradition, performers there have to contend with freezing waters (22ºC), a fast current, and nipping wildlife (ie. turtles).

Thankfully, the Singapore pod doesn’t have to contend with those issues. As Syrena’s website promises: Live out your mermaid dreams with us today!