Skechers Sundown Festival 2015 – Interview with Caracal

Skechers Sundown Festival is happening this weekend, and featuring artistes from around Asia, such as Korea’s ‘Epik High’ and Japan’s ‘INKT’, the annual festival will also feature local bands names such as ‘Caracal’. Here at Campus Magazine, we got down to the details to check out our local guests, and find out more about their music, their style and them in general! 

credits to Red Spade Entertainment
credits to Red Spade Entertainment

Versatile and alternating between heavy metal music and harmonic melodies, Caracal is one of Singapore’s post-hardcore bands. Establishing confidence in their own style and songs, the band exudes power in their music and utmost technicality with their instruments.

First and foremost, how did you come up with the name — Caracal?

When we were jamming as a band 12 years ago, we were looking for a band name and our friend showed us a CARACAL from her animal encyclopaedia. We thought it was pretty cool and it stuck with us ever since.
Well, I guess it was either that or Chunk Of Mucus!

Pretty much world’s apart, those two names…How did you first start the band?

We started out just for fun… To play shows at our friend’s houses for their birthdays and stuff. Never thought it would turn out to be such an adventure.

Nice! So what brings you together as a band?

Aside from writing and making noisy music, we like playing casual games of pool, bowling and local area network gaming. And, we also love eating.

We see a common theme here…Tell us, what inspired you to make your own music?

When we were starting out, we played a lot of covers from our favourite bands. After which, we just thought it would be cool to come up with our own songs and write about our teenage woes. Haha.

Creating the full length album last year must be a tough one. Could you share with us what are some of the obstacles or insights from that experience?

Initially, we wanted to release a 5 song EP but we had plans to go to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. So we had an idea… Why not finish writing another 5 demos that we had lying around and get a whole album mastered in Toronto? It was a huge challenge to complete the 5 demos in a mere span of a month but it was great!

That’s certainly ambitious! We’ll glad it turned out well! I understand that you’ve performed overseas before and most recently, the 2015 Summer Sonic festival. How was the experience like? Any anecdotes on your tour life?

The experience overseas gained overseas is always fantastic. We love exploring new cultures and meeting new people. Our last tour in Japan was a real blast as we toured with 5 other bands in 3 cities. It was really humbling to see their unwavering effort in honing their craft. The charisma they have on stage and the humility they have off stage is really personable.

Are there any overseas bands that you look up to?

Thrice, Brand New, Norma Jean, Foo Fighters, Nirvana.
Mostly Rock.

Are there any possibilities of collaborations with any overseas bands or any bands that you wish to collaborate with?

We are toying with the idea of doing a collab with a Japanese and Filipino band! Look out for that! If we had it our way, we wish to collaborate with Alanis Morisette.

Wow! That’ll be interesting! Do you find a difference in support from local audiences versus overseas audiences?

To a certain extent, I guess I would have to say yes. Majority of the demographic here in Singapore aren’t aware of local bands, and are mostly into Dance music. When I compare it to countries like Philippines or Thailand, they are really into dance music too! But, they certainly support and look up to their local bands too! The Rock scene in those countries are extremely vibrant.


Are there any challenges performing here in Singapore versus overseas in terms of outdoor events?

Um… Not really. Wet weather program?

Do you think there’s any differences between being an independent band as compared to being supported by a huge label?

Huge labels may be able to support with money, but the essence of it is pretty much the same. A lot of time, determination and hard work.

Finally – What is music to you?

Music makes our world go round.

The original article also involved an interview with Cashew Chemists, who have since disbanded.