Skechers Sundown Festival – Press Con and Event day!

In wake of the 13 November attack on Bataclan, Paris, the press conference opened with a grim reminder to all who were present, but rather than allow the incident to dampen all spirits, a proclamation to keep the spirit of rock alive in Southeast Asia resounded out as well. Starting the press conference proper, 2 local acts and 4 international bands graced the conference, with the local artistes being first up, speaking of their excitement and nervousness of the upcoming concert and giving the press an insight to what they would be performing.

Indonesian band J-Rocks followed next, narrating their experience recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and hoping to inspire others and spread positivity to all with their music. This is a notion that resonated with Taiwanese band, Ground Zero, who performs ‘organic rock’ – one that has no swearing or angry themes, as well as Japanese band INKT, as they all hope that music can be enjoyed by all.


As the press conference ended for the day, the stage too was set for the event the next day. Unfortunately, heavy showers seemingly threaten to dampen the spirits for the day, but cleared up just hours before the event was due, thus providing an excellent cooling atmosphere for the heated passion of the raving fans.

With a similar lineup as per the press conference, the Singaporean bands opened the night proper, with Cheryl Loon performing her cover of the song “Titanium” as well as an original tune titled “Dancing With Angels”, which she wrote as a tribute to her late cousin. Potato, the Thai band, too performed covers such as “I don’t wanna miss a thing”, and South Korea’s band Epik High ended the night on a high.

Garnering the most response from the fans, the crowd were left singing and jumping to their tunes, and as they ended, the fans had a treat as the band threw towels into the moshpit. Despite the genre of rock being the focus for this year, Skechers Sundown Festival saw groups of families, with parents and kids alike moving to the tunes. With fringe activities such as a foosball table and photo booth, there certainly was something for everyone, especially so if you would like to take a break from all the rock music.

Prior to the start, the event too saw the artistes mingling with the crows off-stage, offering photo opportunities as well as autograph for merchandises bought at the event. Security for the night was certainly tightened, but lines to enter were fast and efficient.


For the full list of acts in order for the night:

– Cheryl Loon
– Farrago
– Cashew Chemist
– Ground Zero
– Caracal
– J-Rocks
– Potato
– Epik High