SRT – The Tempest Review


by Prabhu Silvam

The Tempest by Singapore Repertory Theatre

Bold, iconic and irresistibly haunting. “The Tempest”, Singapore Repertory Theatre’s upcoming installation of Shakespeare In The Park hits all the right notes by adroitly concocting the allure of mysticism and the supernatural with a timeless script. “The Tempest” is the 9th installation of SRT’s annual homage to Shakespearean writings under the Shakespeare In The Park series. Previous years have seen the likes of classics such as “Othello”, “Macbeth” and “The Merchant Of Venice” grace the stage. Set amidst the lush foliage and snug surroundings of Fort Canning Park, “The Tempest” is set to earn its reputation as the “must watch play of 2015.”

Taking refuge on a deserted island, Prospero, the rightful Duke Of Milan and his sole heir Miranda devise a series of supernatural-inspired plots to restore Miranda’s royal birthright as ruler of Milan. Having been betrayed and left to die by his scheming brother Antonio and the spiteful King Alonso, Prospero dreams of returning to the land that he was so forcefully ousted from.

Revolving heavily around themes of occult and witchcraft, Prospero elicits the help of spirits living on the island to help him avenge the misfortune that has bestowed upon him and to help him get the justice that he never received. The raging storm, The Tempest, which is the titular figure in this play, is conjured by Prospero. This forces his brother Antonio and King Alonso who have been out at sea, to drift aimlessly and finally crash onto the very island that Prospero and his daughter take refuge in.

Directed by British thespian Braham Murray of the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester and boasting a stellar cast of Julie Wee (who plays Miranda) and Simon Robson (who plays Prospero), The Tempest’s greatest gift is its eerily accurate reflection of revenge, superstition and love – themes which are as relevant as they were in 1606 (when the play was first written) as they are now.