Study in Europe for Free!

If you’ve always wanted to study overseas but don’t have a ton of cash, why not try enrolling at universities overseas that have NO tuition fees? A number of schools in Europe offer tuition fee free courses for international students – you do have to qualify for their entry requirements, and you’ll need to cover your own living expenses (unless you qualify for their scholarships/grants). Here are some schools to consider:


Regarded as one of the best education systems in the world (most of their citizens have a Master’s degree), Finnish universities offer about 450 international programmes (Bachelors to PhD) in English, and offers them to international students for free! However, that’s set to change as tuition fees for non EU students will be introduced for enrolment from autumn 2017 (minimum of €1,500 annually), although doctoral level studies will remain free. Doctoral scholarships are also available for international students.

Living expenses: about €6,000-€9,600 a year.

As a rule, Norwegian public universities do not charge tuition fees, even to international students, for all levels from Bachelors to PhDs. More and more universities are offering English language Bachelor and Master programmes. Some universities do have fees for specialised programmes (usually Masters level) and all students need to pay a NOK300-600 semester fee. For private universities, foreign students don’t pay higher tuition fees than Norwegian students.

Living expenses: about NOK90,000-100,000 a year.


Since 2014, all universities in Germany offer tuition free education for undergraduate studies for all students including international students. However, universities in some states may charge administration fees (about €50) and/or long-term fees (up to €800). Most undergraduate courses are taught in German (with a tiny amount taught in English), meaning would-be students will need to demonstrate sufficient understand of the language with a DSH or the Test DaF certificate in order to enrol at a German university.

Living expenses: about €6,000-€9,600 a year.


Sweden & Denmark
While Sweden and Denmark charge tuition fees international students, a significant number of Swedish universities still offer scholarship programmes (tuition waiver and/or living expenses). However, most of these are for those in Masters courses. For both countries, if you’re offered a PhD position, there will be no tuition fee, plus there will be a monthly salary.

Living expenses: about SEK96,000 (Sweden) / DKK80,500 (Denmark) a year.

The list may seem very short when it comes to free education offered to international students, but if you’re really keen on an overseas education, you’d be surprised to know that there are plenty of universities around the world that have very little tuition fee. Lower even than Singapore universities.