[Out Now] Campus #43: Mind, Body and Health Issue

In our 43rd issue, we reflect on mind, body and health. Does your pet preference reveal your personality? What makes some countries happiest, and others the least? Will AIs take over the world? Also, what science says about the psychopaths among us. Learn the mind-tricks our brains play on us, the science and psychology of falling in love, the legit dangers of video game addiction, and the advances in Asia from its patriarchal past.

For Body, we showcase how ‘body beautiful’ has morphed through the decades, why mozzies just want to be near some people, strange superstitions about the body (think uni-browed witches and a red-headed Judas), and the peculiar changes (some man-made) that our bodies go through after we kick the bucket.

Then it’s on to Health, as we show what your stool says about you, the hard truths about constipation, medical conditions that sound like superpowers, real reasons (besides totally annoying gym bros) to avoid Crossfit, true calorie facts to help lose weight, whether health supplements do miracles, the rise of the over- and under-eaters, how epidemics impact society and the economy, what’s actually happening inside when you drink alcohol, and an easy-peasy guide to the healing power of yoga.

We also showcase 2 travel destinations (Taichung and Yangon), and a recap of all the upcoming film, plays and marathons (running, not movie) you need to catch in the coming months.

You can pick up a free copy of the magazine at your tertiary institution, or if you’re too lazy, just read an online version here.