Terror Thursday: Aokigahara – the spooky forest of Japan


Sitting at the foot of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara, or “Plain of Trees” hide some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries beyond its lush greenery. Like the iconic Fuji, Aokigahara is a well-known destination as well, not just for its sight, but for its infamous history that still stands to date:

“Suicide Forest”.



Step into the forest, and the first thing that becomes apparent is the lack of wildlife as well as echoing silence. Unlike the lush greenery you get from the view top down, here, due to the density of the trees, no sun nor wind can seep through, shrouding the surroundings in nothing more than a grey and a times misty atmosphere. You would expect that some forms of birds chirping could be heard, but strangely, it is as though all animals avoid the forest for none can be seen.

Interestingly too, nothing works when you are in this forest as well – not your phones, as there aren’t any reception, nor your compasses, as the needles jumps and spins all around. Experienced hikers too get lost within these trees, travelling in circles and being unable to navigate their way out successfully, resulting in many visitors now planting markers or plastic tapes to mark their trail in order not to get lost.


But that’s all to the strangeness.

Upon entering the forest, one may be apparent of the bizarre litter that can be found all around on the forest floor – from shoes neatly lined up to photographs, dolls and even nooses on the branches, the sense of foreboding is real, because this is where many have come to end their lives.

The second most popular place to commit suicide (the first being the Golden Gate Bridge), Aokigahara has attracted 100 over people to visit the place to end their lives on a yearly basis. The number may be even higher as the forest is dotted with caves and caverns that may go unnoticed should someone take their final breath there.

Many people believe that those driven to commit suicide there are drawn in by the paranormals within the forest – souls who have committed suicide there or even curses placed upon the forest. Some survivors of suicide attempts too have claimed that they had been called or pulled towards the forest, causing them to have the inexplicable compulsion to travel there.

Paranormal or not, we’ll leave it up to you to decide.