Terror Thursday – Tales from Overseas (Part 1)


Our upcoming issue is in the midst of production, and with the theme of International, so what better way for us to feature Terror Thursday, than to start covering on the creepy tales from overseas? For today’s Terror Thursday, we bring to you two stories from the same country…

A good 20 years ago, back in April 1995, 5 guys visited a lake, and proceeded to fish and barbecue whatever meat products they had with them. Close to the evening, one of the guys managed to fish a tilapia – the only fish they managed to get out of the waters, and so they proceeded to take a picture of their lucky find before proceeding to barbecue the fish. Night had just fallen by then, and as they started to eat their food, an old lady’s voice started asking them in a dialect.

“Does the fish taste good?”

Considering that they were all guys, and all of them had heard the same phrase, they were all puzzled, unsure of how there could be an old lady’s voice when they were out in the open, and so, thinking their ears were playing tricks on them, they continued eating.

“Does the fish taste good?”

For a second time, everyone heard the voice again, but this time they managed to pinpoint it – it was coming from the fish!  All 3 started regurgitating whatever food they had too, but instead of a mushy mess, temple offerings such as candied confectionaries etc replaced what they had eaten instead.

All 3 of them were sent to the hospital. But the horror doesn’t end here.

The very next day, the guy who fished the tilapia passed away in his sleep. The photo which they took of the catch was later developed, and on the flesh there was the eyes, nose and mouth of an old lady’s face. Subsequently, those who had a bite of the fish met with mysterious incidents and died as well, and hence, even a priest was called in to ‘cleanse’ that place.


The priest met with an accident 3 days later and didn’t survive.


Title Deed

In 2012 or so, police were alerted to a strange case of a family of 4 who died within a month of each other – despite the fact that they all died of ‘natural causes’. As investigation went on, what they uncovered was a mystery that was even stranger then the deaths themselves – and a crime they never thought they would have uncovered.

The cause of it all – a title deed.

The story goes that an old village chief had passed on without a kin, but prior to his death (due to an illness and old age), a property agent had managed to trick him into giving her his entire plot of land which the village is built on. In order not to cause any form of doubt onto herself, she had placed the title deed under the name of her mother, who strangely, died of cancer 2 months before they could do anything with the title deed. Again, not wanting to raise the alarm, the property agent switch the holder’s name to her mother-in-law’s.

Her mother-in-law died in her sleep 2 weeks after that action.

Considering the deed to be ill-omen now, the property agent decided to get rid of it once and for all, selling off the land along with the deed, and splitting the money into both her own account and her husband’s. Unfortunately for them both, they were killed in an accident on the day their money was credited.

Coincidence? We hardly think so. Yet because of the huge amount of money involved, this was exactly why the police was alerted, and hence started their investigation into this case.

For both stories that we have shared here, they had been reported on the news in the country of origin itself. We kid you not, because we heard them there ourselves too.