Thai Artist FIAT Joins Japanese-Thai Hip-Hop Group ‘Baby Mic Candy’ |

Baby Mic Candy
Credit: BMC (From left: MOTO, YUKI, FIAT, GOLI)

Thai-Japanese hip-hop group, Baby Mic Candy (BMC) debuted in May this year with 3 members: MOTO from Thailand, and GOLI and YUKI from Japan. All were members of a disbanded 10-member Japanese idol group. Now they share a goal of becoming a hit in Thailand.

When asked for their motivation to kick off in Thailand, GOLI reveals that – apart from its delicious food – it’s due to the fact that MOTO was Thai and that the hip-hop scene there is thriving. “I believe that BMC is the first group to build a bridge between Thailand and Japan for much better relationship between the two countries,” says MOTO. On 7 October, they added their fourth member: popular Thai singer and actor, FIAT.

Baby Mic Candy

Why the name ‘Baby Mic Candy’? According to the group, it aims to “charm listeners as vividly as Candy through the Microphone without forgetting their Baby-like innocence.” MOTO, GOLI and YUKI formed Baby Mic Candy during the pandemic, working together remotely in Thailand and Japan. While MOTO is Thai who is fluent in Japanese, both GOLI (the leader) and YUKI, who are Japanese, needed to learn Thai prior to their arrival in Thailand in May 2022.

Currently GOLI and YUKI go to a Thai language school twice a week, and they even speak to FIAT and the local staff in Thai. YUKI admits: “I can say things in Thai that I would be embarrassed to say in my native language, Japanese!”

Their debut hip-hop single, released in August this year their, was ‘RUN’. It’s an adrenaline-pumping number with lyrics in Thai, Japanese, and English. On October 7, their second single ‘TAKE OFF’ came with BMC’s announcement of a new member: Thai actor and artist, FIAT (Fiat Patchata).

Having grown up in completely different environments with different languages and cultures, ‘TAKE OFF’ is a mix of the four members’ individual musical styles and personalities, based on a hip-hop style mixed with multiple elements of club music.

When asked why they wanted a fourth Thai member, MOTO says: “Our dream is to have a hit in Thailand first, have tour in Thailand, and then expand to Asia, and then to the world, so we thought it would be good to have a well-balanced mix of Thai and Japanese members. With the four of us, we can do it wherever we are, and we will do our best to achieve that.”

They’re well on their way to achieve their goals! BMC recently performed at the Thai-Japan Iconic Music Fest 2022, which featured over 100 Thai and Japanese artistes, at ICONSIAM.

GOLI reveals that while their fandom includes Japanese fans wh’ve been supporting them since they were in Japan, more and more Thais have come up to them for photos and autographs when they walk the streets of Bangkok. “We have received many comments not only from Thai people but also from Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and even people from Europe and the US. We feel that we have fans in many different parts of the world.”

New member FIAT

Those outside of Thailand may be familiar with FIAT; he has an established a fan base in Asia and around the world. He recently changed his name from FIAT Pattadon to FIAT Patchata in June 2022.

FIAT is not only a music artist, he’s also a well-known actor who’s been on multiple BL dramas. These include “My Gear And Your Gown” (2020) and “Wish Me Luck” (coming in 2022) where he plays Rak, an advertising intern.

BMC’s nationwide search, documented in the GMMTV-produced series, “BMC Way: Thai Rap Mission” showed Fiat being chosen as their fourth member. FIAT actually found out about BMC’s search for a fourth member through his friend, TOPTAP (a fellow GMMTV artist). “I had been making music alone for a long time, and I was feeling that I wanted to have friends who could share the same genre of music and the same goal,” FIAT shares.

Watch BMC’s House Party live stream video announcing FIAT:

On why the team members picked FIAT, GOLI revealed that “he is cool and sometimes cute, sometimes boyish and sometimes mature. He has such power! He is also a gentleman and very kind. The reason why we chose him as a new member was because we felt he is the one for us.”

“The dream of the four of us is to be the group that everyone who likes to have fun, knows and remembers us when the DJ plays a song,” says MOTO.

Follow BMC

You can follow BMC through their newly released Youtube weekly series, ‘B.M.C. Way’ via GMMTV, which features the members of the group sharing their journey of travelling around Thailand. YUKI shares that his favourite place at the moment is Hua Hin.

BMC also have an Instagram page where they share some photos and videos behind the scenes.