That Dad Humour

Feature image belongs to paurian 

Something strange happens when men become fathers.

Aside from mysteriously gaining weight, they also have the reputation for cracking some of the weirdest and most embarrassing jokes.

So, in honour of Father’s Day, here are some of the best and most shockingly awful jokes from dad, captured for posterity via text message.

(Warning: Some of the following jokes are so bad, we feel the need to commemorate them with special gifts.)

Can you relate?

dad text 4 - popsugar

Image: popsugar

OMG scale: Smile and facepalm =D
Father’s Day Gift: Smartphones for Dummies© guidebook


dad text 1 - guff

Image: guff 

OMG scale: Facepalm until embarrassment dies o.O
Father’s Day Gift: His very own yoga mat


dad text 3 - guff

Image: guff 

OMG scale:  -_-…
Father’s Day Gift: An “I Am Your Father” Darth Vader T-shirt


dad text 2 - guff

Image: guff 

OMG scale: Nooooo, you didn’t. >:o
Father’s Day Gift: An electric fly swatter


dad text 8 - imgur

Image: imgur 

OMG scale: LOL ^^
Father’s Day Gift: OMG makeup gift set  


dad text 6 - imgur

Image: imgur 

OMG scale: Awe and Respect :O
Father’s Day Gift: A jedi master’s outfit

And this shocker:

dad text 7 - imgur

Image: imgur 

OMG scale: Jaw hits floor :-O
Father’s Day Gift: Fizzing candy (or laxatives, if you’re feeling evil) in his black coffee

Dads’ jokes can make us laugh out loud, groan inside, and lots of things in between. While they sometimes make us wish we could ground him, trade him or simply ignore him, this Father’s Day, maybe most importantly, remind Dad he’s no joke.