The Campus Cookbook: Salmon Wellington


Pockets of Fresh Salmon Fillet and Boiled Spinach

By Olivia Kim

Inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington recipe, the Salmon Wellington is a new take on a seemingly difficult pastry recipe. Succulent and luscious slices of salmon stacked with spinach and rolled in soft, flaky phyllo pastry – simply pop it in the oven and you can savour a slice of this delicious yet healthy dish!

One of the finalists for our first-ever Campus Cookout, Olivia Kim was born in Korea and currently studying in Singapore. She loves to cook and bake; from hearty sandwiches to bunny-shaped pancakes, she is no stranger to the kitchen. Here’s a pick from one of her gastronomical adventures.


Serves 2-3

1 Salmon fillet (packet found in supermarkets)

1 Egg

2 Sheets of Phyllo dough/spring roll pastry

1 packet of spinach

Parmesan/mozzarella cheese

Black pepper


1. After boiling spinach, chop it into smaller pieces. (3-5cm).
2. In the bowl, crack the egg and mix it with shredded cheese of your choice.
3. Add chopped boiled spinach into the bowl and mix with egg and cheese from step 2 together. (it should look like those dumpling fillings)
4. Add 1/2 tsp of pepper.
5. Filling is done!

With prepared filling:

6. Remove the salmon skin.
7. Sprinkle salt on both sides of salmon and place the fillet onto the phyllo dough sheet.
8. Put a layer of fillings on top of fillet of salmon.
9. Roll the phyllo dough to wrap the salmon fillet and spinach.
10.Bake it in pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes.

*For crispy pastry, grease phyllo dough with butter before baking.