"The Dress" Returns!


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.37.59 pm

by Chua Wei Ling

Remember this dress that had Twitter split into two opposing teams #blueandblack and #whiteandgold and how people on Facebook were also reposting it? It’s back again, and this time, the viral phenomenon has an explanation to it!

Thanks to the lighting, the dress in question looked blue and black to some people, and white and gold to others. The ambiguity and the lightning that people experience from day to day, affects how they register the colours. For those who see white and gold, this may have been to them spending more time in natural lighting, and for those that see black and blue, that is the result of them spending more time around artificial light.

The daily environment is also a factor as to how people perceive brightness of light. For those who picked out blue as the main colour, matching the colour on a spectrum to how they see they blue differs from people to people as well. Some would see it as light blue, while other see it as dark blue instead.

Just for fun: What colours do you see? Tell us in the comments below!
(PS: Our office only had one lone soul who could see both white and gold & black and blue. )