The Eureka Cooking lab



The Eureka Cooking lab (TECL) is the venue sponsor for Campus Cookout 2014. Located in Upper Thomson, and nicely secluded thanks to the nearby residential private estates, TECL is a great setting for anyone who wants to learn cooking in a chic and modern environment.

Stepping into their kitchen, you’ll notice the clean and sophisticated counters for cooking each with their own pots and pans, and sets of knives. Using induction stoves on 12 counters makes the cooking lab look really professional, and makes participants learning to cook feel like one too. The kitchen is also high tech, with video projection on their LED TVs, an audio system and state-of-the-art ovens.

If you’re there to cook in TECL’s kitchen, then you can chill out in their comfy lounge area where there is a huge 16-person dining table. Or you might find yourself drawn toward their coffee counter with its tall bar chairs – ideal for anyone who likes the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. TECL also conducts various classes including on Japanese Ramen classes and baking. And they host team building events too.

To find out more about TECL, visit the at