The Force Awakens – Rise of the Star Wars and their Fans



Elsewhere, even food stuffs have been influenced as well, such as Campbells which features Star Wars characters on their canned soups and spaghettis. Here in Southeast Asia, Singapore and Malaysia have been getting in on the Star Wars fever as well. Over the recent SG50, icons representing Singapore characters had been remodelled from characters from Star Wars. Malaysia’s Royal Selangor, which is famed for their pewters, have also been hopped on the bandwagon and produced a pewter DeathStar, along with pewter figurines of Yoda and R2D2 (which were unveiled at the recent STGCC). Oh, did we mention they’ve also got a life-sized pewter cast of Solo in carbonite?

At the rate this Star Wars fever is going, we only wonder, how strong would this Force grow to be really?