Here’s this week recap of some of the events that happened across the globe.

The girls were kidnapped more than three weeks ago but authorities only took action when the issue was raised worldwide. Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani school girl who was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen, emphasized that the world must do something instead of keeping silent. The man responsible for this doing is Abubakar Shekau, who believes girls should not be in school but get married instead. The exact whereabouts of the girls are still unknown and the police are offering a sum of $300,000 USD to anyone who can help locate and rescue the schoolgirls. Countries like China, US, UK and France have also offered to help in the rescue mission.

If you haven’t seen the picture going viral on Twitter or Facebook, you (or your friends) might be living under a rock. The rooftop of one of the HDB blocks in Toa Payoh was vandalized with profanities against the PAP, the police and there was also an anarchy symbol. With the graffiti spray-painted in bright red, it is no surprise that it caused a commotion among residents. What remains a mystery is how the culprit(s) managed to access the rooftop when the lock was still intact. Residents are concerned about the situation, as they fear the culprit(s) might have meddled with the water tank, especially since there had been an incident where a dead woman was found in it.

In Japan, a 27-year-old man was arrested for possessing guns made with a 3D Printer, which he didn’t know was illegal. So, how did he get caught? By posting a video footage of his 3D-printed guns online, which led to his arrest by the police. It may not sound dangerous but these 3D-printed guns can function just like a real gun so you can see why the authorities created such a huge deal over it. The mastermind behind the 3D-printed gun is Defense Distributed, a group established in the US. They made the blueprints available on their website but the United States Department of State demanded them to remove it immediately. It may sound cool but don’t go trying this in Singapore, for even carrying a toy gun can put you behind the bars.

Jada Smith’s furious at the press and she’s not joking. There’s been a controversy over a picture of her 13-year-old daughter, Willow Smith lying on a bed with a 20-year-old shirtless former “Hannah Montana” actor, Moisés Arias. The picture was posted on Aria’s Instagram but he removed it because of criticism. Even though many thought the picture was inappropriate, Jada Smith thinks there’s nothing wrong with the picture and that the presses are just projecting their trash onto it.

If you’re one of those people who are always arguing with everyone (your family, friends, partner or even strangers), then you should be worried for your future. A study by Danish researchers has shown frequent arguing will increase a person’s mortality risk by two or threefold the normal rate. Reason being the stress can cause physiological reactions such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Even though this study was targeted at middle aged men and women, youths like you should take precaution and start controlling your temper before it’s too late. Don’t hesitate to inform your parents about this if you’re worried about them.