The Imperial Ice Stars Presents: Sleeping Beauty


If all your memories about Sleeping Beauty are the ones from Disney, keep all those thoughts aside as this is one performance that draws a brand new take to the story! Combining figure skating and ballet, The Imperial Ice Stars presented a breathtakingly wonderful performance to a full-house during their opening night at the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands last night.

Based on the ballet version of the Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty on Ice has a few key details changed, such as the Lilac Fairy and other ballet fairies being the older sisters of Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Unlike the Disney version too, there is no evil witch Maleficent, only the black wizard Carabosse, and neither does Aurora prick her finger on a spinning wheel. The King takes a greater role as compared to both the ballet version and the Disney version as well, being a character that was full of fun and at times, childishly charming.

The performances was coupled with wonderful pyrotechnic displays, a great contrast between the fire and ice, as well as air-borne acrobatics that see the skaters soaring up in grace. The set designed is wonderfully crafted and managed, making a seamless transition between scenes and invoking the feel as per intended for the various scenes.

Set to the powerful and expressive scores of Tchaikovsky, the grace and elegance of the skaters could be felt from their movements, which were pretty in-tune with the emphasis of the notes as well. Given the space constraints of the stage, it was a marvel to watch as each of them performed their moves such as the axel jumps in precision and at times, in unison together with one another. The King and the butler were by far the most entertaining – keeping the audience between bouts of laughter with their antics and well-executed moves.

Sleeping Beauty on Ice will be on from 24 September till 27 September at the MasterCard Theatres. Tickets are for sale now on

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