The League Against Evil Exhibition


DSC_4799By Terrence Lim

To celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary as well as the launch of limited edition MyStamp Collection, fans of superheroes and comic books gathered at the Philatelic Museum last Thursday.  The League Against Evil: A DC Comics Super Heroes Exhibition, is the only DC Comics exhibition held in conjunction with Warner Bros in Asia. This exhibition is part of the many events held with the National Heritage Board’s Children’s season 2014.

 The exhibition started off with a tour throughout the gallery space that showcased various images and history to the long lineage of comics and their origins. Items such as the vintage images, figurines and especially the bust of both Superman and Batman was the highlight of the exhibition; each model was made in a limited quantity of 30 pieces. Other models on display included both the 1989 Bat mobile and the 2005 Tumbler, in which many of these pieces were loaned from collectors.

The Minister of Community, Culture and Youth, Mr. Lawrence Wong, graced the opening of the event, which was kicked off by having audience download an interactive app that immerses you in the world of comic book heroes. The app essentially allows the user to take augmented reality photos of the justice league’s members in different areas of the exhibition space. Due to a mishap that prevents the package from being delivered to start the opening, the audience was required to use the app to call upon, that’s right you guessed it, the one and only Batman, to commence the grand opening of the exhibition.

Do visit the Philatelic Museum to view the wonderful things and learn about the rich history of your favorite DC super hero. Many activities have been planned out for the month of June, especially for the little ones.