The Memorable Gentlelady

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By: Jaiveer Hundal

The stage was set for the iconic play, My Fair Lady, which opened on 11 February. The play, based on George Bernard Shaw’s original, Pygmalion did not disappoint, in fact it surpassed all pre-conceived expectations that avid theater enthusiasts may have had.

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Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl from Cockney London, under the patronage of the unforgiving, unrelenting and often unreasonable Professor Henry Higgins learns to speak ‘proper’ English and how to be a ‘proper’ lady but the lesson she teaches her stoic mentor is by far greater than any vowel or consonant thrown her way. The love that blooms between two polar opposite protagonists enthralls and bewitches us.

The chemistry between Chris Carsten (Higgins) and Aurora Florence (Eliza) kept the audience captivated throughout and at times gasping for breath. Richard Springle (Pickering) put in a  splendid performance as the ever-present companion of Henry Higgins. Michael Brian Dunn (Alfred Doolittle) and Daniel Cardenas (Freddy Hill) put in a brilliant shift as well in their respective supporting roles. Their comedic timing and natural charisma formed the perfect foundation on which the plethora of talent could strut their stuff.

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Photo credit: BASE Entertainment

The brilliant monologues and the songs, the play is known for were executed to near perfection. The transformation of Miss Florence’s Cockney accent into a Higgins-approved English was gradual and seamless. Spanning the length of the play, the chemistry between the two leads was evident. From hostile individuals to gradually developing an affection for each other, it was not only believable but breathtakingly beautiful.

The experience, and the sheer grandeur of it was wonderful to behold. In conclusion, the director did a marvelous  job of mounting this timeless classic.