The Music Run 2016 – We had Fun!

by Desiree Ng

The music festival and run, first started in 2014, took place on Singapore’s shores last month, and we got a chance to have a taste of it! With The Sam Willows and DJ Sam Withers gracing the stage, the event was like a massive part for hours of cheering and zumba.

I arrived at the Music Village shortly after the gates were opened, and the party had just begun near the stage. The Sam Willows came on stage a little later, and with their performance absolutely blew the crowd away. To prevent anyone from getting hungry or thirsty, there were food and drink stalls available in the tentage, although many people gathered to hide from the afternoon sun instead. Along with these, there were a few other booths too, such as the inflatable slide, a merchandise area and a huge keyboard.

Being a fun run, there was certainly more fun than run. As a run, it was intense for someone if they solely train on running tracks, as the second zone was mostly uphill, and it was downhill in the third zone. The 5km was split into 5 different zones of 1km each – Rock, Pop, Old School, Hip Hop and Dance, and there were photobooths with props and actors (there were the ‘Spice Girls’) along the way. To make the route more enjoyable too, there were goodies to collect along the way, and so I returned to the Music Village with an inflatable guitar and boombox by the end of it!

The after-run party might on surface meant just music and relaxation, but in reality, it meant that it was time for 3 hours of cardio, dancing and partying to the music. DJ Sam Withers got it on, and the emcees Sonia Chew and Jesse Lawrence hyped up the crowd with their infectious energy. There were fireworks towards the end, and a tribute to the late Prince with his song, Purple Rain.

The dancers on stage were amazing and got a groove that made those who can’t dance, want to dance as well (i.e., me). I’m not usually one for EDM or sweaty clubbing, but when the music is loud and good, anything goes. May next year come sooner so I can join in the fun again! *cues Shake it off*