The New Breed of Dinosaurs



By: Lakshmi Ganesan

Our fascination with dinosaurs is one that is evident in films – from Barney to Jurassic Park. But now, Jack Horner, a paleontologist,  has found a way to bring dinosaurs out of the TV screen  and into everyday life.

The consultant on the movie, Jurassic Park, Jack Horner intends to re-create (and is already in the process of re-creating) a dinosaur hybrid – a dino-chicken, if you may.

Why a dino-chicken you might ask? Most birds have dinosaur DNA – chickens being no exception. Hence, with chickens being the least expensive option to experiment on, the birth of the first dino-chicken is on its way.

However, there’s no need to worry about getting scared of chickens in the future, for Horner has said that the chicken will act like a chicken, although it will look like a dinosaur. But, what if they tried to eat humans?

Well, Horner has his answer ready, as according to him, revenge-seeking dinosaurs only exist in movies, not in real life. Besides, why would they eat humans when they have plenty of animals to feast on?

Yet, the thought of having dino-chickens roaming around gives me the chills. I wouldn’t dare go near it, but I am fascinated by the idea – and the prospect of seeing it from afar.

What are your thoughts on dino-chickens? Would you be interested in keeping one, eating one or even seeing one, possibly at the Singapore Zoo?