The Phantom Continues to Haunt the Stage

The Phantom of the Opera returns to Singapore after six yearsBrad & Christine 4

by Fitri Handa Yani and Brenda Boh (photos: Base Entertainment)

The gala night held last Thursday saw the return of the Phantom as the cast performed the musical’s first staging at the Mastercard Theatre, Marina Bay Sands, after their last show here in 2007.This well-loved musical has been seen by millions worldwide, and won numerous prestigious awards. It speaks about a musical genius, the Phantom, who falls in love with his musical protégé, Christine. He is unaware of Christine’s love for Raoul initially, and is overwhelmed with jealousy and hatred when he finally discovers their relationship. Phantom and Christine

At the Phantom of the Opera media call last Thursday, Brad Little (The Phantom) claimed that the last scene of the musical was his favourite. In that scene, he is able to freely express himself and truly let his emotions flow. 

When asked if he sympathized with the Phantom, his answer was an absolute yes. He explained that the Phantom’s animalistic behaviour was actually caused by the cruelty of the society. He added that, in every one of us, there is a hidden beast which we are unwilling to reveal.

The human side of the Phantom shines when he realizes that he will not be able give Christine happiness, and frees her from his lair. This is when he truly understands love.

We believe the most memorable scene is when Raoul and Christine are professing their love to each other on the rooftop through the expression of music. When both of them sing “Love me, that’s all I ask of you”, it captivates the audiences’ heart and soul. When I saw this scene, I finally understood why Anthony Downing (Raoul) claimed that it was the most challenging part of the whole musical. 

With its beloved musical pieces and the world-renowned cast, the Phantom of the Opera is worth watching… a few times! So come, and prepare to be mesmerized by the magical world of The Phantom!

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