The Real Escape In Singapore


Escape From The Bank!

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Back in Singapore for the second time, Vivid Creation presents to you The Real Escape In Singapore: Escape From The Bank – an IQ-based game. The Real Escape Game requires teams which consists of six to seven members. These teams are then required to solve mind-boggling puzzles to navigate through the game.

For this year’s version of The Real Escape series, participants will get to play the role of thieves. The concept given to each team begins like this – “You have conquered high levels of security to get a hidden top-secret document. Unfortunately just before you could open the lock, the security alarm goes off and you are left trapped in a maximum security vault. With the security guards approaching and the doors around you and your friends all locked, you will have to find a way out before its all too late.”

Each puzzle unlocked will lead them to their next destination and they will have to solve the big and final mystery to emerge victorious at the end. This game is not just adrenaline-packed, it tests participants creativity, wit, problem-solving skills and how well they do under pressure.

It is sure to guarantee a fun time with your loved ones. So grab your friends and family and head down to Le Danz 222 Queen Street on the 13th to 15th of December 2013. Get your tickets now at