These Instagram dogs are more famous than you will ever be!

People laugh at memes like this:

because it’s ridiculous to imagine that a canine’s life would take precedence over a human’s… right?

As crazy as it sounds, many domestic pups are actually living better lives than us and rising to fame while they’re at it, simply because they are cute and cuddly. In fact, social media spurs this trend on as the onslaught of people creating social media accounts to showcase their dogs (“my dog is cuter than yours!”) have elevated some of these pampered pooches to celebrity status.

Marutaro (@marutaro) Possibly one of the most photogenic dogs to set paw on this earth, this Shiba Inu is a familiar face in Japanese commercials. Born and bred in Japan, Marutaro even has his own shop! The Marutaro shop, which is accessible both online and physically in Tokyo, sells Maru merchandise ranging from Maru Calendars to Maru chocolates (which, ironically, dogs can’t even consume). This adorable canine, with his ultra-pinchable cheeks and thick silky coat, proves why Shiba Inus have remained as one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan. Of course, this particular Shiba takes “popular” to a whole new level with his recently established Maru museum which displays gorgeous photographs of Maru. His trademark smiley eyes are simply irresistible and if you think otherwise, well, you’ll have to fight his 2.6 million followers on Instagram.
Instagram fan count: 2.6M

Chowder (@chowderthebeardog) Based in the Philippines, this gigantic Chow Chow can easily be mistaken as a furry bean bag if you don’t look closely enough. Like Maru, Chowder also has his own online shop. Although not as extensively stocked as Maru’s, Chowder’s merchandise is a reflection of his big heart as Chowder apparel advocates #NoToAnimalCruelty and #YesToFluffAndLove. With its bear-like snout and unique dark blue tongue, this extremely huggable breed is one of the most expensive dogs in the world.
Instagram fan count: 402k

Marnie (@marniethedog)
This 18-year-old female Shih Tzu used to be called “Stinky” in a dog shelter where she lived for 4 months after being found on the streets of Connecticut when she was 10. Now she lives in New York City and is an Instagram star, gracing multiple news programmes with her iconic head tilt and lolling tongue. This lucky ball of fluff has even sat in the arms of Hollywood celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jonah Hill, and Nina Dobrev! She is certainly making up for her desolate youth. Who says only puppies can be Instagram stars?
Instagram fan count: 2.1M

Boo (@buddyboowaggytails)

This famous Pomeranian has won hearts all over the world with his large innocent eyes and short haircut (that makes his legs look like little cloud pillars!!!). His sheer cuteness has garnered almost 17 million likes on Facebook, which is more than 3 times the number of people living in Singapore. Boo rose to fame after Khloe Kardashian found his Facebook page and gushed about his cuteness on her blog back in 2010. Boo became an internet sensation — even Boo comic books were published to celebrate his cuteness! His popularity also sparked a slew of Pom Pom owners requesting for the “Boo haircut” but leaving the grooming salon disappointed, as contrary to what most people think, Boo is more than just a Pom with a good haircut.
Instagram fan count: 562k

Boo (@boo._thefrenchie)
Closer to home, another Boo is climbing up the ranks alongside all the Singaporean micro-influencers on Instagram. The French bulldog is not the first canine breed that comes to mind when one mentions “cute and cuddly”, but Boo’s natural sulk and too-large rabbit ears still bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Clad in the many outrageous costumes that her mom dolls her up in, Boo was featured in the Pet Magazine and has placed in several dog contests even though she is currently only a year old!
Instagram fan count: 2.3k

These pooches are just five out of the many other dogs around the world, stealing the limelight with their endearing toothy smiles and playful antics. Do you know any?

by Rachel Lim