Time for Travel

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There’s no better time to travel than when you are a student. After all once you graduate, what will you be doing? Certainly not lounging in Mcdonald’s with your kaki. There’s credit card bills, the 9-to-5 drudgery, and maybe that special someone with all the commitments that brings.

Now imagine climbing a mountain. What age is that superhero mountain-climbing-you? Probably still young enough to legitimately Tweet about it, at the very least. That’s where you are folks. Now is the age for achieving physical goals, as you’ll never be as young as now, with a body at its physical best.

Without a doubt, you have family commitments at home, but ask yourself: is your real commitment merely to your regular routine? Life is gritty and tough. There’s a world of experiences out there – some bad, some good. Have you ever been pickpocketed? Have you ever seen the sun rise on a beach? Have you ever shared your food with a stranger? These teach you about human nature, how the world works, and how to lead a more fulfilling life. And frankly, if they aren’t already in your current routine, they never will be.

It may not feel it, but you’re also at your mental best. As we age, we lose the habit of learning. When you’re fresh out of school (or in it), your mind is primed to absorb, and open to new ideas. As we age, we start to forget. If you don’t travel now, one day you might be so wrapped up in your big mortgage, cozy family and busy career, that you forget you ever wanted to travel in the first place.

What about money, you ask? Don’t let money stop you. If you’re willing to go outside of your comfort zone, you can travel for far less than you’d spend going to watch yet another movie, or partying at Zouk with your same old kaki. If you can find money for an $8 latte, you can find the money for a bus ticket or bunk bed.

The most valuable resource you still have in abundance is time. All it takes is a small investment to get started. Be selfish for once. Make the time to take look at a map, dream big, and hit the road.