Top 10 picks of this year’s Starbucks Christmas collection | Campus

By Cheong Wen Xuan

Starbucks has outdone itself this year with its long-awaited annual Christmas collection, boasting a massive range of festive merchandise that even Santa himself would be proud of.


Starbucks x collaboration – limited edition.

We’re talking prints – think florals, think stripes, think vintage… with a merry twist. What’s not to love? This pretty pink collection is perfect for those who love classic prints, and includes a cute mug, a bold cold cup, and the sweetest little tumbler mug for your hot holiday brew.

If you loved the print on the tumbler, imagine the same print on a chic pouch! This fashion statement is a perfect addition to your ensemble to express your burning holiday spirit. Due to its limited edition, it’s only available at selected Starbucks stores.


The following are from Starbucks’ very own Winter Wonderland collection.


Hello Deer

Nothing says Christmas like this jolly cyan collection with bursts of bright festive red, and of course its signature reindeer with Christmas tree ornaments hanging off its huge antlers and elves riding on its back. The bright spunky colours are a perfect way to herald the holiday season, and comes in a minimalist bottle, a metal lunch box, a cold cup, and a mug.


Starbucks Swarovski Mug

A true Christmas miracle! No presents under this Christmas tree, but with the branches dripping with real Swarovski crystals, drinking anything from it will make the drink itself seem luxurious. Minimalist, classy, and with just the right amount of bling, this glitzy mug will pair perfectly with your glittering holiday outfits.


Santa’s Village

No such thing as too Christmassy, right? To some, this collection might come across as a bit of an overkill – prints of mistletoe, wreaths, elves, presents, Christmas trees, Rudolph, and a Christmas village, all set against a deep navy blue night sky speckled with stars. But to an unabashed Christmas diehard like me, this just screams Christmas in the best way possible without being too lurid in its colour combination, and this way everyone knows I’m counting down the days!


Holiday Wreath

For those who prefer not to have an overkill of bright Christmas prints, this pastel collection brings just the right amount of festive which can be used all year round without seeming fanatic. Little sprigs of holly and mistletoe printed on the creamy white bottles and crystal clear cups prettily tie the sweet and simple look together. Perfect for the low-key Christmas enthusiast who prefers something a little more dainty.


As if you didn’t already have enough to choose from, you can’t forget about Starbucks’ Merry and Bright collection! If you prefer a more minimalist, neutral look, these will be perfect for you!


Red Cups

The iconic red cup has returned amidst years of controversies surrounding Starbucks’ annual holiday cups. With conservatives accusing the previous cups of not being Christmassy enough by not including traditional Christmas imagery (President Trump called them a “war on Christmas”), and the coffee giant of pushing liberal political ideology through The Cups of Christmas Past, this year’s cup is decidedly slightly more conventional. The simple red and white stripes subtly allude to candy canes, while maintaining the classic bold yet minimalistic design for the benefit of those who love the Christmas drinks, but don’t celebrate Christmas. Good on you, Starbucks!


Candy Cane

Short and sweet. Starbucks is keeping it simple with these cute little mini mugs that have no extravagant embellishments, except for the red-and-white striped candy-cane handles. Hard not to love a classic!



My personal favourite from the catalogue – you know what they say, black is the new black, right? This collection stays classy and basic, while incorporating brilliant pops of colour on the black background so as to not become dull. The icy blue snowflakes, white winter wonderland, bright red elves and shining gold flecks contrast perfectly with the black background. The best part is, it’s versatile and appropriate for any season, so you really can’t go wrong!


Gold Flakes

It is possible to fall in love with tumblers, cups and mugs? Because this pretty baby blue set just made me believe in love at first sight. The pastel azure hue blends into white or black to create a gentle gradient, and the ombre is topped off with simple, minimalistic patterns, as well as shimmering gold flecks. It strikes the perfect balance between being eye-catching, and yet not garish or loud.



Just looking at this fun little collection brightens my day and makes me feel like a kid again! Basic shapes like circles, triangles and stars are patterned over spunky colours to create playful prints – reminiscent of your kindergarten drawings, anybody? To those who love standing out from the crowd and dislike being mainstream, be sure to snag the cold cup in this collection that comes with super cute cat ears.

These merchandise make the perfect Christmas gifts, and are sure to make your holiday brews that much more ~festive~ during the most beautiful time of the year! (Not to mention you get 50 cents off your drinks order when you bring your own cup or mug. Saving the earth AND saving money? Sounds like a clear win-win!)