Top 5 crazy things people do for an iPhone

The power of owning an iPhone is surreal. The state of the art technology, the beguiling design and the peer pressure involved would certainly brainwash the average person into getting one. Stories about students waiting in line for 19 hours and hundreds of people queuing through the night to get their hands on Apple’s new baby is currently doing its rounds. If you thought that was crazy, think again. Here are the top 5 crazy things people have done for an iPhone.

  1. Misusing boarding passes  transit-area

Reminder: Only go to the transit area of Changi Airport if you plan to travel out of the country – not if you plan on purchasing an iPhone. A man and a woman were arrested for misusing their boarding passes on 16 Sep in the transit area of Changi Airport. They were believed to have entered the airport’s transit area to purchase the iPhone 7 and had no intention to leave Singapore. Not crazy enough? There’s more.

  1. Renting out their girlfriendscreen-shot-2016-09-22-at-4-30-50-pm

You can never stop a man from achieving his dreams. In this case, a Songjiang University student in Shanghai decided to “share” his girlfriend to earn money for an iPhone 6. In 2014, the student held up a large placard on campus with the words “Sharing girlfriend to earn pocket money – 10 yuan (S$2) per hour, 50 yuan per day and 500 yuan per month”. You can add this to your list of “Most Unusual Things To Share” as well.

  1. Donating spermsperm-donation

Renji Hospital in Shanghai and a sperm bank in Wuhan lured donors using the spellbinding appeal of the rose gold iPhone 6s. It was stated in an advertisement last year that those who donate their sperm will be paid enough to buy the iPhone. Apple lovers looking to earn enough cash to finance the product must meet certain requirements though; be in their early 20s to mid-40s, have a degree, be at least 5.4ft tall, have no genetic diseases, and be willing to donate at least 17 ml of sperm over a six-month period.

  1. Attempted Murderclorox_bleach_products

If you take Liam Neeson’s daughter away, he will find you and kill you. Take away one’s iPhone and chances are, they’d probably poison you. A 12-year old girl from Colorado was taken into juvenile custody for attempting to poison her mom with bleach on two separate occasions. When asked why, she simply said her mom took away her iPhone. This definitely serves as a reminder when dealing with smartphones and children.

  1. Smuggling an iPhoneiphone7_smuggling4

Image belongs to People’s Daily

Chinese border control seized around 400 iPhone 7s which were being smuggled from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. These iPhones were strapped around the waists and stuffed down their socks to avoid being caught by the authorities. Even though socks are a great place to hide things, they simply cannot hide numerous iPhone 7s – no matter how slim Apple says they are.

There may be a reason why folks have gone nuts for the latest iPhone: in China the most popular colour, “2B” – after the two colours Back and Jet black – incidentally means “idiot” in Chinese slang, while over in Hong Kong the iPhone 7’s classy “This is 7” tagline woodenly translates into “This is penis”.

By John Pravin