5 Traits of a Film Student

Our schooling days have us meeting all sorts of students from different faculties. Over the course of time, we begin to form a certain impression of certain ‘types’ of students and their behaviors are usually related to their majors. We have come up with some student profiles – this time, we feature the “film student”. Do you or someone you know fit this profile?

The Film Student

People like to call you hipster and it irks you, you’ve been into everything indie and hanging out at cafes before they went mainstream. Your family and friends are worried about your job prospects and honestly you are too, but you’re too deep in the rabbit hole. Plus, you really love what you do. Here are 5 traits of the classic ‘film student’:

  1. The friends you make are not chosen on personality or charm, but on their free time and willingness to perform in your short films for nothing more than a thank you.

  2. Nothing haunts you more than the thought of watching Battleship Potemkin one more time.

  3. By the end of your degree you disassociate yourself with anyone who uses the word ‘movies’ instead of films.

  4. You tend to obsess over the latest camera/gadget/gear that you’ll never be able to afford with your part-time job.
  5. You fantasise about getting a film award, standing on that podium and thanking all those who “supported” you as a way of getting back at them for not supporting you.