Want to look more attractive during the haze season? Wear a pink mask then!


With the haze still going around, what better time than to start using those masks? Well, if you have yet to get any, and are still considering which type would be best for you, here’s another factor for you to consider: Color.

For some strange odd reason, Hokkaido University recently announced that women will appear significantly more attractive if they wear a mask – and if it’s a pink one, they notion of attractiveness will sky-rocket, as compared to that of a white one. 33 male and female participants were shown pictures of women, and made to rate the attractiveness of those pictured without masks, with a white mask, and with a pink mask. Some of the pictures featured the same person, and it was found that with a pink mask, the perception of attractiveness increased by 104% at least!

We aren’t kidding you; this is a real and legit research, and you can read it here.

Now the other thing which we really wish to know though would be: Where do you get pink masks here?