Weird Guinness Records Set in Singapore

Most Singapore records take the ordinary and push it to extraordinary lengths, like the Most People Wearing Balloon Hats (5,911), the Most Simultaneous Scrabble Games (521), or the Largest Curry (15.34 tonnes), but some also come with strange or impressive premises. Here are four from just the last two years.

Largest Reunion of People Born at the Same Hospital

(16 Oct 2016)

KK Hospital “babies” shared one more unifying experience as 2,241 of them gathered at Bishan Stadium for a record-breaking reunion. Ranging from ages 7 to 84, these “babies” all confirmed their place in the record attempt through their NRICs and birth certificates, and successfully cleared the previous record held by a Philippine hospital with nearly double the people.

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Ghosts  

(12 June 2016)

Marina Bay Sands was became seriously haunted when a crowd of “spectres” gathered for a record attempt, Ghostbusters-style. Masked, shrouded in white and donning the movie’s “no ghost” sign, the 263 participants set a new world record, and got to meet and greet the staff of the movie too: Ghostbusters actress Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig.

Fastest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube whilst Juggling

(14 Feb 2015)


Some of us can juggle, while others can solve Rubik’s Cubes, but Teo Kai Xiang managed to do both at record breaking speed (22.25 seconds) at NUS. The brilliant young man from ACJC has gone on to write a book teaching others the 8 steps to conquer a Rubik’s Cube, and is currently working on a business degree at SMU and an engineering degree at SUTD.

Longest Stringed instrument

(25 Oct 2014)

The Earth Harp’s approach to surround sound may just blow you away – its strings stretch 291.71m over the heads of the audience. Invented by William Close, a finalist on America’s Got Talent 2012, the stringed instrument has no bow, and is played by rubbing resin-coated gloves over the strings to create sonorous music. You might have heard the haunting melodies in 2014 at the Singapore Night Festival when William turned the National Museum into a huge harp.

Pretty cool for a Little Red Dot.


Feature Image belongs to Erwin Soo

 Written By Vincent Tan