Whacky Products: Consumerism Gone Wild



It’s often said that laziness is the mother of all inventions, but seriously, it can’t be the reason behind some of these latest products. It’s more like consumerism gone wild. From adult toys to suits and travel gear, there’s no shortage of imagination that went into them. Starting with…

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.02.05 pm

The dildo urn
Well, technically it’s more like an urn that’s shaped like a phallus. Who knows what got into Mark Sturkenboom’s mind when he invented this piece called ’21 Grams’.

In case you were wondering about its name, this spiffy dildo-shaped glass actually has space to hold 21 grams of a loved one’s ashes (21 grams was generally thought to be the average weight of a human, er, soul).  If you think that is creepy weird, check out the box it comes in: it includes a perfume spritzer (which is supposed to be filled with the loved one’s favourite scent) and… a speaker that’s connected to an iPhone dock, presumably to replay those romantic ‘get-it-on’ songs (hopefully more Barry White than Flo Rida). The box can only be opened with a gold key, giving new meaning to the word ‘key to my heart’.

We’re not sure if cleaning instructions should come with a priest.

The (wet) suit
At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the photo on the left is part of an art installation with a title like ‘snooty man gets his boardrooms confused’. What he’s wearing, however, is not an office suit – it’s a wetsuit. The neoprene material and pants that are a tad bit tight for officewear makes this outfit more for the sea than the office seat. Although we’re not sure if the flappy necktie is a good idea when surfing.

Released by Quiksilver earlier this year, this ‘True Wetsuits’ went on sale exclusively on their Japan website – at a whopping ¥300,000 (around S$3,300) per suit. It also comes in black and blue options, plus a tux version. We figure it’s more of a marketing gimmick – who’s seriously gonna wear a $3,000 wetsuit to work?


Rolly Suitcase with USB
Judging from the marketing video created by the folks at Barracuda, this collapsible suitcase does look very convenient – especially for space-strapped folks like us. The rotating handle sounds like a good idea, although we wonder how durable it is considering the average traveller packs everything including the kitchen sink into suitcases.

While all these features alone could coerce many of us to snap one up, Barracuda has one more trick up its sleeve: it’s even got a built-in USB charger. Not enough for you savvy travellers? There’s even a slide-up mini table to put your laptop on while you wait at the airport gate. According to the marketing video, it’ll even get you some attention from the opposite sex… now that’s a deal closer.