What Singaporean Students Complain About

Humanity always had its secret complaints, but to Singapore’s credit, ours lie close to the surface. Enter the anonymous escape valve of the internet, and the gripes come bubbling right up.

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Here are some of the common things that our exam-stressed contemporaries grumble about.


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  • the world is so boring…… who made this world so boring…… someone invite monsters and dragons into our world pls =,= and some magic while ur at it
  • Why does the (XYZ) chicken rice stall charge an extra 10 cents for takeaway when their non-takeaway is served in takeaway format?
  • Some lecturers may find that I am rude to them, but that’s the right thing to do. Otherwise, what? Have sex with the lecturer ah? I feel that between the lecturer and the student, we must maintain a certain distance. Cannot be nice, otherwise, where is the corporate governance? When I am with same level people, or people below me, of course I hehe haha la. But when I am with the higher authority I hehe haha, what would people think? Sorry. I really cannot. It’s not that I open defiance or what. It’s just not right for the workers to be so comfortable with the boss. Really hope that he understands why I am rude to him. It’s on purpose, for it’s the right thing to do.


people - free

  • When it gets too crowded during lunch hour at Canteen B, I always have the tendency to overtake those slow walkers, add a fart or two and move on
  • The manacles that are my group members, violently pinning me down onto the grade I never wanted. Languishing in misery, I tell myself everything will get better, soon.
  • My roommate never ever cleaned the common bathroom. I came back from dinner one day and found the bathroom dirty as hell with all his mucus and pee stains. So I decided to use his toothbrush to clean the toilet. That lazy (expletive) was going to help with the cleaning somehow.
  • I don’t think I have very high standards for mouth hygiene (dentists will frown at my unwillingness to floss), but DEAR GOD. Some people have a mercaptan-level smell, worthy of blue cheese competitions and mass murder campaigns, coming out of their mouths.
    At least brush your damned teeth and tongue, people.
  • Was doing my exam halfway when I heard a kung-fu ring tone.
    At that very moment,  I was in a state of dilemma on how to react to that soothing yet distracting music.
    But deep within, I was aware…
    Aware of the profanities that were already *flowing* in my mind.
    Just kidding. Please switch off your phone during the examinations fellow ME student. Enjoyed the ringtone tho.


mirror beauty

Image belongs to Scarleth Marie 

  • Facebook makes me really sad! Sometimes I just get so depressed looking at all those girls prettier and skinnier and more popular than me. But without Facebook, I don’t even think I can get through any freaking lecture at this time in the morning!!!
  • Ever since we dated back in our Poly days, my bf has never seen my stomach because it’s completely hideous and saggy due to weight loss and gain, and the same goes for my arms. I have so many stretch marks on my body that I am so limited in what I can wear. I am only 22 and was never able to go for a tan with my friends as I get so self-conscious! I am only beautiful in the dark and that makes me sad. Is confidence and happiness so hard to find?


supercar bus

Supercar Bus. Image belongs to Chris Sampson 

  • Every time I board the train at Jurong East I feel like I’m playing a game of musical chairs.
  • Is it me or does anyone else felt like vomiting after taking the (bus)? I attribute it to the bouncy suspension system of the buses and the bus drivers driving as though they were driving F1, accelerating and braking with such eager and zest.



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  • Feel so helpless about finals. All I want to do is to get married and live off my future husband
  • I don’t always do well for a test, but when I do, it’s the mean score of the entire cohort. =.=
  • Studied 9 out of 10 chapters for a stats finals. In the end 30% of the finals was on the part i didn’t studied. Alright what’s the probability?
  • I get really irritated sometimes when my smart friend tells me to study less. I’m not like you. I can’t rest on my laurels however much I want to.
  • Im a yr 1 freshie and so they say that during tests/exams, even if u have a valid mc/reason to be absent, there will still not be any retest and you’ll get 0. What kind of bs is this? So if i have severe food poisoning i still have to come to sch???!!!!!!!!!
  • It’s the end of the semester and we’re getting back our graded assignments…
    Everybody is your friend until they realize you are doing better than they are.
    Sigh! Competition has killed the friendships I have made this semester. Should have known better (…) (From a jaded final year student)


love - free

  • Year 2 going to end already. Still no crush, no EC. (…) It’s not that I cannot talk to girls. The problem is that I have yet to find a lady I’m interested in. I’ve met many girls. Joined CCAs, got to meet new friends. But none of them caught my eye. I’m starting to think that I’m the problem. My standard not even high siah. No need to look like some kind of anorexic model. Healthy and decent looking with positive personality can already. (…) lowering GF standards since 2002.
  • I never thought I needed a boyfriend (at this point of time) until I listened to a guy friend of mine describes the girl that blew his mind.
    He is playful and careless, but when talking about her, he becomes such a man. I mean even when we have been friends for years, I never knew such a sensitive, loving side of him. The way he tells stories about her makes me want to “AWWWW” with real heart eye emojis but I try not to because that is so immature haha.
    But then I start to wonder if any guy would think about me that way and it’s damn sad, ’cause no, I will always be a “bro”, or worse, a backup plan. I never felt bothered by that but now my stupid friend ruins it *sigh*

Hang in there people!