What to expect at Halloween Horror Nights 8

Get ready to cower in fear for 18 nights in the 8th edition of Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with this year’s hair-raising lineup of five terrifying haunted houses, three killer live shows and two scare zones.

Very aptly named Infinite Fear, you can expect a never-ending cycle of fear and countless scares with iconic Asian horror legends coming to life and of course, the highly-anticipated Stranger Things-themed house.


Netflix’s Stranger Things

Infinite Fear marks USS’s first-ever tie-up with critically acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things, bringing to life the menacing Hawkins National Laboratory and the eerie Upside Down woods. Come face-to-face with the fearsome Demogorgon in your search for Will Byers as you get transported into 12 artfully recreated scenes and storylines in a haunted house featuring the most number of thematic rooms in HHN to date.

If you have not watched Stranger Things, fret not, for short clips of the blood-curdling scenes you are about to relive will be screened before your entrance, keeping you up to speed.


Asia’s most-feared ghost finally has a haunted house of her own. Step into the Malay village and watch as the story of Pontianak unfolds in hair-raising scenes right before you — from her brutal death to her resurrection and her blood-thirsty quest for vengeance. It is rumoured that this infamous ghost is so real in Asia that it was a struggle to recruit people to pose as scarers in this house.
So as you step into her memories, remember to stay away from banana trees and watch out for the scent of jasmine…


Get ripped out of your comfort zone as you step into this highly interactive house full of vampires. For years, this Chinese secret society of upper-class businessmen has thrived on feeding on humans and sacrificing them to Lu Xi Fa, whom they pledge their lives to. Come face-to-face with high-flying acrobats posing as vampires who can fly up to 8m high. This house holds the most number of stunt scares in the whole of HHN history, so step in if you dare, but beware as you may end up in a different secret room from your friends and forced to be part of the cult’s bloody rituals.
Not scared yet? Here’s a sneak peek of the vampire cult’s gruesome birthing ritual:


Pagoda of Peril

Imagine being trapped in a prison full of malevolent demons as they viciously roam around in search of freedom. Well, in the Pagoda of Peril, you don’t have to imagine. Brace yourselves as you enter different realms such as the Beast world and the Jade maze, where you will encounter spine-chilling, larger-than-life puppets.

The Haunting of Oiwa

Step back in time to the chilling Edo-era of Japan and come face-to-face with Lady Oiwa, Japan’s mother of all ghosts. Lady Oiwa is one of the oldest horror legends in Japan and her story is said to have set the benchmark for all Japanese horror films. After being poisoned to death by her unfaithful husband, Lady Oiwa, with her trademark left droopy face and balding head deformed by the poison, is seeking revenge.
Thanks to hologram technology, you won’t have to worry about not being able to catch a glimpse of her grotesque face because she is everywhere and she will find you.


Apocalypse: Earth

Earth does not belong to Man. Man belongs to Earth.
And Gaia is coming to reclaim what’s her’s.
Stationed in New York and covered in vines and foliage is a chaotic end-of-the-world setting. Perfectly Instagrammable and of course, extremely frightening and realistic.


Think twice before you step into the land of Cannibals located in Egypt. This reclusive tribe will not think twice before sinking their teeth into your flesh and devouring your organs. You can however, catch the gruesome Blood & Bones ritual where member of this blood-thirsty tribe feast on their human sacrifices to gain strength. That is, if your stomach can take these blood-curdling demonstrations.

If you need a break from screaming and shaking in your boots, you can join an all-original show, DEAD Talk, featuring Motivational Death Coach Gideon Grim, who will give you highly-effective tips on how to scare. There at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre, you can also enjoy high-energy dance performances and acrobatics together with the seminar-style show.

Just like last year, there will be a Scaremony to kick-start your spine-chilling night. With ample pyrotechnics, special effects and illusions, step into the Eight Lake Psychiatric Hospital and take a look inside a patient’s head, where his darkest demons reside. Brace yourselves as these demons will be brought to life, along with the screaming apparitions of the insane.

Also, like last year and back by popular demand is the Zombie Laser Tag, now located at the Lost World with twice the area, as compared to last year’s, to search for clues, break the code and save the Earth. In this separately ticketed experience, creators have upped the ante, making this year’s obstacles more challenging and of course, unleashing a larger mob of flesh-eating zombies after you.

Overall, here’s a sneak peek of what you’re signing up for in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 8:

For the first time, USS will produce a series of short, original horror films leading up to HHN 8. As many characters in Infinite Fear are themed after legends and folklore, these dramatic bite-sized films will showcase riveting stories surrounding the horrifying stars of HHN 8.
Keep a look out for them on Resorts World Sentosa’s Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages from July to August!

You can get your tickets now at prices starting from $55 (early bird; only till 12 August) to $68 from the Resorts World Sentosa Website and at USS ticket booths.

Fans can also purchase an R.I.P. Tour which will provide you with VIP access to haunted houses, private meet-and-greet-sessions with the creepy characters and a guide who will share insider stories and escort you from station to station. Click here for more details.

By Rachel Lim