Why Are People Throwing CVs at These Offices?

By Vincent Tan

Feature image belongs to tgarch

Office (esp in Singapore): a stuffy soul-sapping environment, lined with cubicles that imprison workers every week till Friday (or Saturday).

Or is it?

That is an exaggeration, but now that these big players have set up shop here, young interns can look forward to some very innovative office designs and cultures. Here a countdown of our top 6 funkiest offices to work in:

6) Booking.com

This online booking office features plenty of break-out spaces – it is a huge office space – where employees can chill out and enjoy a sky-high view. Their themed areas represent local neighbourhoods, with names like ‘Bras Basah’ and ‘The Padang’.

5) Airbnb Singapore

airbnb office SG

Stepping into Airbnb’s office is like stepping into a mini holiday. Themed meeting rooms and break-out areas are reminiscent of cities that Airbnb has presence in; like the Batignolles room with its chandelier, or its Byron Bay Boat Shed room.

4) Spotify

In the spirit of music streaming, staff at Spotify Singapore can share playlists in the office through Spotify Connect devices and in-room speakers. Their open plan design featuring three cushy breakout corners dovetails with a work culture that encourages the free exchange of information.

3) Spencer Ogden

Apart from hiring for the energy sector, Spencer Ogden’s office also recruits energy into the workplace. With a green Astroturf floor, a row of dining booths, a bicycle and a scooter, employees can take a break between client calls with a brisk walk or a round of mini golf. The good news of a clinched deal is shared with a chime from a brass gong.

2) Facebook

A job at Facebook may be a dream come true, but did you know their Singapore branch also features perks like a wall touch screen that delivers real time user data, as well as vending machines that dispense office equipment like keyboards, and – wonder-of-wonders – beer taps in the pantry? Staff can also use the adjustable sit-stand desks instead of sitting all day.

1) Google

Google’s Singapore office has local culture constantly in mind, with meeting rooms like “Kancheong Spider” or “Steady Pom Pi Pi”, and even a canteen called the Goopitiam (yes, really). Discussion nooks are imaginatively designed as a tuk-tuk, a merry-go-round, or even a Balinese hut. Among the many free perks are complimentary breakfasts and lunches, and weekly massages. As if that’s not enough, staff may screen a film in the cinema, play some pool or foosball, or curl up with a book in the library area.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Also not all office spaces are not like this one.

Spruce up your resumes, and you just might be working in the office of your dreams.