World Poetry Day – Quip the Light Fantastic


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By Vincent Tan

It is World Poetry Day, a salute to that age-old art of rhythm and rhyme, and a time to remember the fun of letting words run as you wish.

Forget restrictive ideas about poetry (the forced recitations, the decrypting of obscure symbols and metaphor), it is actually a powerful way to say just what’s on your mind.

Poetry in Comics
When poetry gives you pictures, draw comic books! Dave Morice draws great comics from great poems, showing we can connect with them visually as well.

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Word Indulgence
Anyone can have fun with poetry, not just professional poets. Some poems tackle hard topics like war in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade , or become ways to make an honest joke. Here are some funny poetry tweets to get you in the spirit!

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When faced with last year’s MRT breakdowns, Singaporeans sang their feelings with poetry, showing it can be made anytime.

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If you want to, you can indulge in poetry collections, including one from Singapore. Display your mettle at the National Poetry Festival, or the “Writing in the City” poetry contest, open now.

A special perk just for March 21st is the “Pay with a Poem” offer by coffeehouse company, Julius Meinl. Branches from Chicago to Istanbul are offering a hot cuppa just for teasing out a rhyme on a napkin. Sadly, this amazing initiative to promote the value of poetry has not yet reached Singapore. We’re pretty sure a local “Teh with a Poem” would win many fans (and teh tarik-drinkers), while encouraging budding Edwin Thumboos or Alfian Sa’ats.

As Robert Graves said, “A perfect poem is impossible. Once it had been written, the world would end.” Don’t worry about getting it perfect, and write a poem today!