You Only Need One



By Debbi Tan

Nicolas Lai, Wong Ping Fang, Goh Keane, Philemon Phua and Charlene Ho might just be names to you at first, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. They are five aspiring 20-year-olds from Singapore Polytechnic, who won a competition in marketing NETS Yono (You Only Need One) Flashpay card for youths. In other words, they’ve turned their dreams into reality.

What is NETS Yono? Launched last month, NETS Yono Flashpay card is a store value card designed for youths that allow them to make a wide variety of quick payments for daily essentials, from transportation and shopping to purchasing of movie tickets and meals. It is made easy by just tapping and you’re good to go.

The beginning of a journey is always the hardest and it was tough when engaging with students who were skeptical. “They asked how it benefit them and how can they possibly just get a free card. But after much persuasion and hearing comments from their friends, they approached our booth and redeemed the card,” explains Charlene.

Throughout the highs and lows, nothing matters when you’ve achieved something by the end of the day. “On the first day of the roadshow, we were actually scared. All we did was sit and wait for people to come to our booths. But at the end of the day, we received a lot of response. It was a good experience for us and the amount of cards handed out gradually increased. After two weeks, we felt more motivated and confident,” shares Ping Fang.

Obstacles are inevitable when climbing the ladder of success, but the lessons learnt along the way turn to experience and advice. “If it is your passion, always go with your gut feeling. If you’re interested in something, then naturally you’ll have the confidence and motivation to work hard and strive for the best result,” says Ping Fang. “Try setting short-term goals, instead of long-term goals instead,” adds Philemon.


From left:
Goh Keane, Wong Ping Fang, Nicolas Lai, Philemon Phua and Charlene Ho

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