These Guys Are Awesome

No, really.

By Clara Lock, photos courtesy of TAB

No topic is sacred for these pranksters, who take the piss out of everyone and everything.

Comedy band The Axis Of Awesome will pull no punches when they play at TAB next weekend.

Before you head to their show, get acquainted with the Australian trio, who have become internet sensations with their Four Chord Song, a medley of popular songs that use the same four chord progression. Think your favourite band is unique? The Axis will gladly reveal how everyone in the business is humming the same tune – selves included.

Tell us, what exactly is a comedy band?

It’s an assembly of persons with the combined goal of playing music that people will laugh at, like us and Nickelback.

Why form a comedy band?

At the time we didn’t realize there was any other option. If we had our time over we would probably ask ourselves the same question.

What makes you laugh?

Excessive unjustified swearing.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened during a performance?

Nothing that has happened in a show has ever been funnier than our songs, which are the funniest things.

What inspires your material?

We draw most of our material from our day-to-day lives and our experiences as both a comedy band and human beings. And when that doesn’t work we make fun of Benny’s height.

Tell us one thing that’s awesome about each other.

Jordan can fit his whole fist inside his own mouth, Benny is ranked 19th worldwide in the iPhone app Tilt to Live, and Lee doesn’t understand the question.

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The Axis of Awesome plays at TAB on the 18th and 19th of May 2012. For more information, visit