Baby Mic Candy

Thai Artist FIAT Joins Japanese-Thai Hip-Hop Group ‘Baby Mic Candy’ |

Thai-Japanese hip-hop group, Baby Mic Candy (BMC) debuted in May this year with 3 members: MOTO from Thailand, and GOLI and YUKI...
Bella Hadid Fabrican

Spray-On Clothes Is Real And It’s Amazing |

Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes but don't have the sewing skills? Well, now you can actually spray on...
ESSEC fandom

Exploring the Power of Fandom, Explained by ESSEC |

Are you part of a fandom? Or are you looking to harness the power of fandoms? Whichever side...
illegal streaming

Singapore Blocks Illegal Streaming Websites like DramaCool and KissAsian |

Wondering why you suddenly don't have access to your usual illegal streaming websites? It's because Singapore has officially blocked them. As of...

Singapore’s Fresh Graduates are More in Demand Than Ever |

Fresh graduates from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) have found that their career prospects are looking stronger than ever.
Street wear

The ESSEC Global BBA Explains the Hype of Street Fashion |

Are you into street wear and want to know how to track the next trend? Learn more about...
Singapore wildlife

[Podcast] Living with Otters, Monkeys, and Boars |

You may have heard of people being molested by monkeys, mauled by otters, or gored by wild boars. In the tiny packed...
Dhoby Gaut heritage

Dhoby Ghaut’s Iconic Shophouses to Be Preserved |

Heritage is more than just the built form that it embodies. It's embedded in the nature of the space and also within...
Influencer fraud

[Podcast] Are Influencers All Frauds? |

Too many ads and sponsored posts on your feed? Are too many influencers posting success stories on LinkedIn? In this episode...
studying concentration tips

How to Increase Concentration Skills While Studying |

Be it your workplace, playing a game, or studying, concentration is indispensable. Some students have razor-sharp attention, but others need to make...