Back With a Bang

The Anime Festival Asia Returns





        By Samantha Pereira, photos by Lynn Ooi

The Anime Festival Asia is back again for its’ fifth year! Before we dish out this year’s exciting highlights, we want to get you acquainted with some new faces that you will definitely spot as they work their way through the crowd at Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier Royale cafés.

Meet Singapore’s maid and butler: Kiyomi, 22 and Ren, 27

Why did you choose to become a butler/maid for this year’s Anime Festival Asia?

Ren: My decision to participate in this year’s event is fuelled largely by my love for the industry. This is also just another way for me to appreciate the festival.

Kiyomi: This is my chance to enjoy The Anime Festival Asia on a whole new level. Also, the pioneer butlers and maids left such a good impression on me – I just had to take on the role.

What’s the strangest request you’ve received from a customer?

R: None, they’ve all been great. All they look for is a picture or two.

K: It is part of the maid culture to feed customers – so occasionally I do get those requests. But nothing out of the ordinary, everyone has been really nice to me.