5 gift ideas you can DIY!


by Rin Yeo

With Christmas coming in about 14 hours – if you are still struggling for a gift idea, how about DIY-ing some yourself? We have compiled a couple of ideas which might be useful for those of you looking to personalised your gifts but are on a tight budget.

Zipper pouch Source

With materials easily sourced from your nearest Daiso or even Chinatown, you can piece together a simple pouch made out of zippers. For inner lining, cut a small piece of cloth the length of your zips and sew accordingly.

Stencilled Tote Source

Looking to customised a tote bag for a more personal sense? All you have to do is get a tube of acrylic/fabric paint, a plain tote bag, and just a stencil/doily paper! It’s rather foolproof and adds your touch of customisation to it too!

Braided bracelet

By simply getting a buckle, and some cord, braid them accordingly –  the end result is a simple bracelet, but cheaper than what you can get at say Bugis Street!

One-of-a-kind shoes

If you are looking for a unique pair of shoes to give someone, or for those who are fresh out of secondary school, what should you do with those white shoes? Well, why not doodle on it and create something uniquely yours?

No-bake chocolate cookies Source

Ah…who can resist chocolate? Have no fear if you didn’t pass Home Economics because these are no-bake chocolate cookies! Simply freeze the batter and you’ll have a batch of sweet treats to gift anyone whom you fancy!