A Peek Into The Makeup Industry

Makeup Tips and Tricks with Scooter and Augustin

By Olivia Kim

Bonjour! Have you ever wondered about the secrets of your favourite movie star’s flawless and glossy make-up? How about models with fabulous looks on the catwalk? At the first official opening of French makeup brand ‘Make Up For Ever’s new Academy & Pro Loft in Singapore, two of the most prominent make-up artists from Make Up For Ever – Scooter Choi and Augustin Puji shares their views on the makeup trends of the season.

Interview with Scooter Choi

You do a series of make-up for different types of events, is there a particular type of event that you are most intrigued by and do you have any make-up rules that you swear regardless of the event?

I appreciate all different types of make-up. However, there is one principle that I always follow: “Keep the basic”. Keeping all the basic rules is important in make-up and my most important motto would be working towards originality and creating my own style.

The make-up industry in Singapore is flourishing but compared to the other neighbouring countries like Japan and Korea, we are still a far cry away. What would your ambitions be to aid Singapore in reaching the standards our foreign counterparts have reached.

Although Singapore’s starting point might be behind other Asian countries, Singapore being one of the most open countries in terms of accepting new cultures from other countries, I can see Singapore place itself to be a make-up industry hub rather than follower in the next few years. Furthermore, Singapore can be seen exploring into new markets such as Korea and this certainly shows that Singapore is already keeping up and adapting to change in trends, which makes them more fashion-forward and competitive.

Out of the many fantastic Pro Loft products, which cosmetic product would you like to recommend most to our readers.

I would like to recommend our HD foundation with Mist. There has been an increasing trend towards ‘Subtle make-up’ which is perfect for highlighting natural beauty while we conceal our flaws. Unlike other make-up which enhances our beauty with obvious excessive make-up, subtle make-up simply requires really a good foundation to cover your flaws and mist to retain its coverage. Make Up For Ever’s High Definition foundation is perfect for great coverage and transparency to your skin with a long lasting effect. So after you applying basic foundations and concealer, spritz our mist which is highly recommended in keeping your make-up glossy for a whole day without getting oily or smudged. They are the best combination ever!

Interview with Augustin Puji

You are currently running the position as National Trainer Make Up For Ever Indonesia! As an earlier pioneer of Make Up For Ever in South East Asia region, what are your thoughts on new launch of Make Up For Ever in Singapore?

I think it’s fantastic! The first impression I had when I just arrived in the Make Up For Ever Academy was “Gorgeous”! The studio and ambience is amazing. In comparison to our Indonesia studio, Singapore’s outlet is more closely conceptualised to a real backstage. I am excited about the new launch of Make Up For Ever in Singapore!

Just like fashion, I believe there is also a trend in make-up industry. What will be new make-up trend that will likely to come in next season?

I look forward to more colourful and dazzling make-up in the next season. Furthermore, Make Up For Ever’ new trend is anchored on a “Holiday” theme with dynamic and party-like makeup, using a wide range of bright colours which adds a 3D effect to our looks.

You have wide variety of make-up experiences for different types of events! Since most our readers are in tertiary education, would you like to recommend our readers “Campus style Make-up” for school?

There are ‘3 Must-Haves’ that you should never forget. They are: eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and blusher. Eyebrows are really important as it makes a huge difference of how you look and it also sets a general look of your face. One of our products,“Aquabrow” which is a liquid and waterproof eyebrow enhancer, offers 7 different colours for your eyebrow which enhances and reshapes natural brows. So do not forget to draw them even you are late for school! After that, we should apply thin line of eyeliner right above your eyes. Being an Asian, we often admire people with big eyes and thick double eyelids. Thin line of eyeliner would give you the effect of making your eyes look bigger naturally. Last but not least, to end off our natural yet pretty looks, we need pinkish blusher to brighten up our overall mood of your face.

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Oh my god! Thank you so much for your comment. I never new there are comments below my article! Thank you so much again and I have another blog which is recently created for both Korean and English – http://www.ollygoesmad.com! I would love your visit! 🙂

Oh my god! Thank you so much for your comment. I never new there are comments below my article! Thank you so much again and I have another blog which is recently created for both Korean and English – http://www.ollygoesmad.com! I would love your visit! 🙂

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