What Makes A Great Job

My idea of the best job in the world


By Yoon Ji Seon

There is no such thing as the perfect job as it varies from person to person but here are some of the criteria which I think would make up my dream job.

1)    Flexible Dress Code

Some jobs have really harsh restrictions and require their employees to always be dressed in neat suits and this can be really uncomfortable and boring. Especially for the girls, as formal dressing would usually mean that we have to fit into those tight, dull coloured skirts, blazers and heels. I am not saying that we should wear our pajamas or dress like we’re going for a party, but I think that if anyone had a choice, they would definitely want to dress more comfortably.

2)    Free Overseas Trips

I once had a friend whose father was an airline pilot and her entire family got free plane tickets to literally anywhere, anytime they wanted. I was very envious of her – it would be so wonderful if your job allows you to travel to places you always wanted to visit. Think about all the places you would go? For free! If I ever get a job like that, I will be sipping wine at the Palace of Versailles.

3)     A Place to Relax

We all get tired at some point of the day, especially after lunch we tend to get a little drowsy. It would be nice if a company had a cozy little area to take a power-nap – of course so that we can regenerate and work even better.

4)    Opportunities To Participate in Cool Events

Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to be stuck in an office for the rest of his/her career. It would be much more exciting if you get to do something out of the ordinary as part of your job. What if you get to take pictures of corals under the ocean or be assigned to play paintball and unleash your creativity on your enemies? It is definitely very cool.

Most importantly, part of what makes a great job, is a great company.

If you’ve just read this and think you’ve found your dream job, tell us about it? I definitely think I have!