A Crazier Christmas

Full of Joy, Laughter and Love

Crazy Christmas

By Megha Bhattacharya

This Christmas, Dream Academy comes back with its 5th installment of the well loved ‘Crazy Christmas’ and this time around, they are coming with the theme of ‘Silver Screen Meets Silver Bells’. An interesting change made this year is the splitting of the shows into two versions – a naughty version with Kumar and a nice version with Hossan Leong.

When asked what motivated Director Selena Tan to choose this year’s theme, she said that this was an extension of her love for old movies especially the musicals. And it was just an excuse to get all dressed up!

With the actual planning starting 8 months in advance, the whole cast and crew of Crazy Christmas are a big family celebrating Christmas as Selena puts it. They eat a lot and have their own cute version of Secret Santa backstage.

So if you are wondering what to expect from this year’s Crazy Christmas, take the director’s word for it. In her own words, they planned to be crazily dressed up as glamourous stars with Singaporean humour, of course. They have eight wonderful dancers, who also sing and constitutes their beautiful Merry Miss-el’toes!

They also have a huge band, with plans on singing more great songs and enjoying lots of laughter. Watch out for Judee Tan as Dr Teo Chiew Muay, the TCM practitioner who gives her take on Christmas, Hossan as a chatty Charlie Chaplin and Kumar as Audrey Hepburn who uses a filter in her mouth rather than a cigarette filter!

With Selena describing Crazy Christmas as “full of joy, laughter, love”, this year’s show promises to be a perfect Christmas miracle enjoyed by people from all age groups.

So with that, have a Crazy Christmas!

Crazy Christmas starts 28 Nov – 9 Dec, at the Esplanade Theatre. Tickets are now available on Sistic.