A Merry Crazy Christmas With The Dim Sum Dollies


Catch Kumar, Sebastian Tan, Denise Tan & More

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.25.17 PMBy Rahimah Rashith

 Dim Sum Dollies pack a crazy punch in Dream Academy’s wacky Christmas tribute: Crazy Christmas Ting Tong Belles. Latest to join the zany dollies on the sizzling hot plate is actress and DJ Denise Tan, and boy does she ace it.

Tan’s larger-than-life stage presence and power-packed voice sprung onto stage effortlessly, a reminder that she is no newbie to the entertainment scene. Together with Selena Tan who is also the show’s director and veteran dolly Pam Oei, the trio performed side-stitch inducing spoofs of the trends that reign in pop culture, Singapore affairs and Christmas traditions.

At one point, the cabaret trio even re-imagined themselves as pop princesses Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga competing for a local talent show. If you’ve ever wondered what a Singaporean version of these pop divas might say or do, this is your chance to find out. They also reenacted famous girl bands like Girls Generation, only this time, the ladies took a jab at the image issues faced in South Korea in a hysterical comedy sketch.

Joining in the merriment is Broadway Beng aka Sebastian Tan together with Singapore’s biggest diva aka Kumar. Sebastian plays the snowman, who treads on ice with sensitive coffee shop topics while Kumar turns the heat up and with his wickedly funny grouses on the local poverty, the elderly and even porn.

While the veteran actors shone like Christmas lights, others stopped short of. Some acts felt like fillers with the lesser-known actors struggling to own the stage. Yet in all, the cast, costume and set did a great job in keeping the performance exciting and laugh-filled throughout.

So if you want to catch The Dim Sum Dollies, they’re performing at the Esplanade Theatre from 11-22 December 2013. Ticket prices range from $19-$127. Book your tickets via SISTIC today!