Christmas Comes Early with Food and Fun at The Great Clarke Quay Food FEASTival

by Darryl Goh

The traditional rainy season is probably the best time to hold outdoor food events in otherwise sunny Singapore. From 5 to 9 December at Read Bridge, Clarke Quay, feast from 15 pop-up stalls in The Great Clarke Quay Food FEASTival, which showcases the best of what Clarke Quay has to offer.

07Here are some of the culinary highlights which are not to be missed.


Ramen Keisuke Lobster King’s Lobster Broth Ramen ($10)

Fans of seafood and Japanese cuisine would love the Lobster Broth Ramen. This Keisuke creation is a result of a harmonious blend of Chinese and Japanese flavours, where the broth stands out as aromatic and rich in flavour. Top up another $5 for generously stuffed prawn wontons and an onsen egg.

The Pump Room’s Chicken Bratwurst Sausage wrapped with Bacon in Hoisin Sauce ($3.50)

Sausages can either be extremely dry or dripping excessively in oil. The Pump Room delicately roasts their sausages to perfection, with just the right amount hoisin sauce to give it extra flavour. The wrapped bacon serves as a nice extra touch, adding a crispy texture to the tender sausage. Pair this gem with beef meatballs in tomato concasse sauce ($10) and wash down all this goodness with a bottle of Singapore Golden Ale ($10).

Swissotel Merchant Court’s Durian Pengat Dessert ($6)

Ellenborough Market Café’s signature durian pengat is one-of-a-kind. Made from the finest aged durians, this creamy, smooth dessert is both sweet and bitter, striking a unique balance which durian lovers would appreciate. If you are feasting with friends who cannot stand the smell of durian, fret not – this dessert is not pungent at all!


As with most food festivals, there are plenty of options to quench your thirst, from booze to colas to milk teas. Special mention goes to Red Tail Bar’s mocktail ($10) which packs a zesty lime-flavoured punch that would tantalise your taste buds. Ramen fans would also be pleased to find Sakura and Green Tea Colas ($4 each) for sale at the Ramen Keisuke Lobster King booth.


An outdoor event would not be complete without live music. Each night features a different musical guest who will spice up the night with familiar tunes. Imagine enjoying tacos and sipping beer together with your best friends while grooving to an upbeat cover of All Of Me by John Legend – why can’t every night be like this?

Those doing it for the ‘Gram can check out the ball pit in the middle of Read Bridge, which is large enough to fit 10 of your other friends. You may have outgrown playing in a ball pit, but you can never outgrow having fun.

Visiting The Great Clarke Quay Food FEASTival is a fantastic way to unwind after work or spend a weekend night with your buddies. With good food, good music and (hopefully) great company, you can say that Christmas is early this year.

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