A Parfait A Day

Fresh Healthy Café tickles taste buds with nutritious, organic food

By Nishant Store, Photos By Clara Lock

Fresh Healthy Café ropes in streams of foodies with its organic, nutritious offerings that taste sublime. 

Priced affordably, you can knock off a few pounds and still hold on to your dollars every time you dine at Fresh Healthy Café, conveniently located at Alexandra Road’s latest supermall, ARC.

Treat yourself to a main dish (Panini, wrap or salad), some corn chips, a carrot salad and a smoothie for just $10.

Every smoothie comes with a choice of natural fortifiers – slurp up an energy blend for a quick boost, or beef up your resistance to illness with the immune blend. So pick your favorite fortifier and slurp away – for every two smoothies procured, you’ll get one on the house.

Vegetarians will enjoy the salads and vegetarian paninis. Pick from a number of dressings like ranch, salsa and vinaigrette to complement the fresh, leafy vegetables.

To wash it all down, have your pick from a selection of teas, deserts and fruit juices.

Juices are squeezed fresh and tailored towards keeping you in robust health.

Sip on the Cold Terminator squeeze if you’ve been having a sneeze or the Digestive Cleanser to feel more at ease.

Another offering to get you out of a spot is a shot of liquid wheatgrass, the healthiest pick of the lot! Wheatgrass is said to remedy acne, tooth decay and constipation; believe it or not, a single wheatgrass shot is nutritionally equivalent to two pounds of leafy green vegetables.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean skipping dessert – have some light, wholesome parfait to go.

This smooth yogurt is overlaid with crunchy bits of granola and a selection of fresh fruit, including berries and bananas.

And when every particle of your being aches for a second helping, don’t fret – your second parfait is at half price.Wolf it down and head out into the world, a little lighter around your heart and waist.