Adam Rafferty’s first concert in SG!

Catching the man himself in action!

By Olivia Kim, photos by

Adam is a famous Youtube star guitarist from New York who owns 9 millions of subscribers and travels around the world for his gigs and concerts. Prior to the performance, he looked really excited to meet his Singapore fans in workshop and concerts. Also, I could see many potential guitarists in Singapore gathered to watch and support their favourite musician’s very first show in Singapore!After the opening the show by two other guitarists, Adam Rafferty made his appearance on the stage tuning his guitar. He played a lot of songs in different genre ranging from slow and calm tunes to quick and dynamic melodies like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder’s music. It was really amazing to see how mesmerised he was and became a part of guitar while he was performing.

Furthermore, he definitely had cutting edge as a guitarist because he did not only use fingertips to pluck the strings but he did Beat-box and literally used entire body to make sounds and add spice into the music. With all his efforts of showmanship on the stage, audiences never had a second to feel bored.

When he was playing Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, he even tried to engage audiences into performance by making us to sing along his guitar melody with the guide of his signal. The concert was interactive and fun as audiences were not just watching him playing but they were performing together with their favourite musician. His friendliness and amiable attitudes towards the audience undoubtedly appealed to all the Singaporean fans in the house. However, he never compromised his seriousness and professionalism in the quality of the stage. He made sure every note was perfectly tuned and the quality of sound system was at its maximum. The audience could appreciate his music better with his humour and boundless energy in his performance.

Adam’s music was indeed inspiring. I cannot wait to find out more about his music from Youtube and if you are yet to be a guitar fan, you should definitely check ‘Adam Rafferty’ on Youtube for more!