An Interview with Perk

An insight into the young music producer’s life


At the young age of 13, he bought his first set of turntables and a mixer to fulfill his desire to make music. Experimenting at his own accord, Perk (born Pietrek) spent two years honing his skills before joining DJ Battle competitions to level with other novice DJs.

Performing this Friday at the Fast Track Music Carnival held at Siloso Beach, we speak to the music and audio engineering student, who also has his own record label called Fresh Bloc, to share his experience in the music industry.


1. Describe yourself in three words?

Talented, cool and a liar.

2. What are you currently up to?

A few years ago, I started out as a DJ but now I’ve decided to go deeper into music production, such as producing tracks, music and lots of collaborations with international music producers and create a brand for myself and my record label, Fresh Bloc.

3. How would you describe your music?

Tropical-bass. It’s hard to describe, it’s just music with a lot of bass, interesting rhythms with a tropical element to it, it is unique and different. I do produce tracks with House music too, or with percussions.

4. How would you describe your experience at DJ Battle Competitions and DMC?

I was only 15 years old then and one of the youngest contestants. I was against other DJs who were much older – in their 20s. Although it was intimidating and I was under a lot of pressure, I wanted to prove them wrong and show them that age is not a barrier.

5. Any tips for other aspiring DJs?

The key thing is not to give up. Be open and listen to what other people say, always appreciate what you have and stay true to your roots.

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