An Interview With Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott Candidly Speaks About Music, Fans and the Entire Experience


Interview by Nishant Store and Izzan

UK Chart-topper Pixie Lott, 21, talked with Campus Magazine about her new album Young, Foolish, Happy.

On the day of the interview, a certain Pixie Lott was escorted into a room, and seated. After briefly readjusting her seat to optimize comfort, she cast a warm, friendly glance across the air-conditioned landscape, and proceeded to take questions with a smile.

All For Love

A lot of fruity details were spilled like beans. Pixie let slip that she sometimes got proposed to by fans. She had no qualms about saying ‘yes’ and wearing the rings, being ever grateful for the immense support fans continuously offer her. When the topic of critics’ views was broached, Pixie spoke with self-assurance on always valuing a fan’s opinion more than a critic’s. Her logic was simple to follow- she had heard so many albums and disagreed on critic reviews; critics were immaterial.

Collaborations on Young, Foolish, Happy

Pixie opened up about the collaborations on her latest album and spoke reverentially about her chance-meeting with Stevie Wonder. She met him at an LA restaurant through a common friend who she also happened to bump into unintentionally while she was there. They got talking and Stevie ‘dropped his harmonica’ after hearing a song Pixie had written for the album, eventually getting down to collaborating on it! On the subject of K-pop artists, Pixie was all praise and very proud to have worked so successfully with them for the Asian edition of her album.

Ambitions and Influences

Pixie expressed the desire to release music in America. She bobbed calmly in her seat and hinted at including more soulful, Motown influences in following albums. Enthusiastic as ever, Lott openly discussed covering male bands like Kings of Leon and lending a soulful female voice to rock music. Citing influences like Adele, James Morrison and Paolo Nutini, her voice quivered when she spoke of modern music fraught with pop acts like ‘One Direction’.

Where It All Began

As time wasn’t making an honest effort to prolong itself, the woman of the hour could only take one more question. She replied gracefully when asked about on her work with Roger Waters’ opera. A nostalgic look lingered in her eye as she recalled the excitement of entering a recording studio for the first time at the age of twelve. She shook hands with Roger Waters after recording the part she had auditioned for at such a tender age! The look left her eyes and Pixie was herself again…but that one look best verbalized her passion, love for music, faith and character. Pixie Lott’s expression was evocative enough to hit as deep as her soulful voice.

I kinda like the cheesy dacnnig although I wished it didn’t have the futuristic, space vibe (leave that to, I think it would have been a really cute video if she and the guy were just dacnnig around town under the stars, something taylor swift-esque. And she’s really pretty, like not super hot but very attractive face and body. Girl next door if you will.