Army Daze is Back!

Interview with actor Dwayne Tan

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Michael Chiang’s hit Army Daze, a play about 18-year-old army recruits going through BMT camp, returns to the stage after a sold-out 25th anniversary run last year. Campus talks to Dwayne Tan, who stars as recruit Malcolm.

CAMPUS: Dwayne, what’s it like coming back to Singapore after being trained in New York and working on American productions?

DWAYNE: It was very exciting to see how the “big boys” did things. But ultimately coming back home and being part of a younger growing industry made me feel like I could contribute more. After all, Singapore is my home and the productions we do here often represent our own stories with our own voices.

C: What do you think has changed in the years since Army Daze’s premiere? Obviously, the play has an enduring appeal (as last year’s sold-out run shows), but do you think the Singaporean sense of humour is different now?

D: I have never seen the previous stagings of Army Daze. But I think it’s quite safe to say that Army Daze is timely and it doesn’t need to change much aside for some updated references. Humour is ever changing. Singaporeans are influenced by media from all over the world, hence I feel humour is still subjective even though we might share many things in common as a country.

C: Describe the character you play in three words.

D: Nerdy. Innocent. Endearing.

Army Daze will be staged at the Drama Centre Theatre 19-28 July! For more information, visit