Brews Best Served Cold

Our Top Five Thirst-Quenchers

By Marion Ang

The sweltering heat doesn’t have to leave you parched and drained. With your sunglasses and umbrella in hand, beat the heat and stay cool with Campus’ picks on the best summer drinks.


Bubble tea, commonly known as pearl tea or boba tea is a tea-based drink infused with milk or fruit syrup accompanied with chewy tapioca balls otherwise known as ‘pearls’. Initially with only a few flavours to its name, the contemporary bubble tea now has more than 30 flavours to choose from. And for those looking for a little variation, choose to replace the tapioca balls with jelly or pudding for that extra bite!



A childhood favourite for many, this velvety chocolate drink combined with condensed milk and topped with ice cubes will keep you energised for a long day at school or work. If you are looking for a little more texture in your drink, order the Milo Dinosaur and you’ll get to chomp on tiny chunks of Milo goodness.



Get your vitamin boost with a fresh cup of fruit juice or iced blended smoothie. A healthy and great alternative to carbonated drinks, blend apples, berries, passion fruit and even wheatgrass together! Do add in spoon of honey or lemon juice if you’d like it with more punch!



Choose a tall glass of ice-blended coffee to liven up your day. For the health-conscious, leave out the whipped cream and syrup and enjoy the coffee on its own. For something unique, try Vietnamese iced coffee or Japanese cold coffee, where coffee powder is soaked in room temperature water overnight and served with milk.



The most versatile drink in the world has got to be tea. Boil different types of leaves and you get green tea, oolong tea and many more. Not only do you have a wide selection to choose from, you can spice up your tea flavours with various condiments. Take the teh tarik (pulled milk tea) – it is a blend of tea and milk thrown from one cup to another to create a thick frothy drink (definitely good for a scorching hot day).  If you like your drinks with a fruit twist, then choose the thirst quenching ice lemon tea – rich in antioxidants, it undoubtedly completes a hot day.